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June 20, 2017

Ohio's in demand jobs survey

surveyAs an employer, you are acutely aware of the so-called “skills gap” Ohio is facing. The Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation is consistently told by employers across the state that: 1) employers are unable to find the skilled workers they need, and 2) candidates lack the soft skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. From these statewide discussions have arisen a number of initiatives to address challenges, including Ohio’s In-Demand Job List.

The In-Demand Jobs List represents the needs of Ohio’s primary, driving industries and guides workforce and education efforts across the state to ensure employer needs are being met with a skilled and productive workforce.

The Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation first partnered with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in 2014 to develop a list of the state’s most in-demand occupations. The In-Demand Jobs List combines data from many sources to capture statewide hiring needs, including: responses from a survey sent to over 2,000 employers in Ohio, Ohio Labor Market Information, jobs posted on, and regional forecasts from JobsOhio’s targeted industries.

Using a combination of this data, we compiled a list of Ohio’s most in-demand occupations. Recently, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation sent out a second round of employer surveys. On July 1, 2017, the list will be updated to reflect the newly forecasted occupations, and the survey portal will remain open indefinitely to continue to capture employer needs.

To ensure that the state is adequately meeting the needs of business, we encourage you to review the new version of the list and respond to the survey if you have not yet done so. To gain access to the survey, please email with your name and contact information.

To qualify as “in-demand”, an occupation will typically meet the following criteria:

  • Pay greater than or equal to $13.47 per hour AND 
  • Have greater than or equal to 230 projected annual openings OR 
  • Have projected annual growth of 50 or more openings

Takeaways from the In-Demand Jobs List include:

  • 37% of In-Demand Occupations require high school diploma or equivalent
  • 63% require a post-secondary degree or certificate
  • 90% of the occupations from the prior (2014) list are on the new 2017 list
  • 23% of all projected annual openings fall within “Medical and Healthcare”
  • 58% of all projected annual openings fall within: Office & Administrative, Management, Healthcare Practitioners, Support, and Technical, and Production.

The full list of In-Demand Occupations can be found here

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