ChamberComp FAQ

  1. Who partners with the Chamber to provide ChamberComp?
    Our partner is Sheakley UniService, Inc., one of the largest TPAs in the state of Ohio, with over 50 years of experience.
  2. Who needs workers' comp insurance?
    Every company doing business in Ohio must have workers' comp coverage with the exception of sole proprietors. Some large companies (paying $25,000+ in workers' compensation premiums) may choose to self-insure. 
  3. What forms need to be completed so I can receive my projected savings with no obligation or cost?
    AC-3 - Temporary Authorization to Review Information
    1. Complete an AC-3 form
    2. If your company is currently in our group, you don't need to complete a new AC-3 form each year 
  4. What do I need to do to switch to ChamberComp?
    Switching to a new group rating program is easy. Sheakley will take care of getting all necessary information from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Comp (BWC). All you need to do is return three forms with your administrative fee. The forms are: 
    1. AC-2 - Permanent Authorization Form
      • This form is filed by Sheakley with the BWC to be recognized as your TPA.
      • Submit this form once you've decided on ChamberComp as your group rating plan.
    2. AC-26 - Employer Statement For Group Rating
      • This form is filed by Sheakley with the BWC on your behalf to show you're a member of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber who'd like to participate in ChamberComp.
    3. Agreement
      • As with any business arrangement, we ask you to review and return an agreement that fully explains your responsibilities as a participant as well as Sheakley's responsibilities as your TPA and group administrator.
  5. How do I know how much I'll save?
    Your projected savings will be provided to you at no charge or obligation before you sign up.
  6. Who do I call?
    Andy Bello 513.618.1104
  7. Who do I pay?
    An administrative fee must be paid to Sheakley AND you must be a Chamber member to participate in the plan.
    Discounted payments to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Comp (BWC) are made twice annually and are paid directly to the Bureau.
  8. How long does it take?
    New participants will receive their savings projections in Aug-Sept.
  9. What does TPA stand for?
    Third Party Administrator, which is Sheakley's role in the program.
  10. What is the Risk Number?
    It's the same as your policy number, and is located on your BWC Certificate.

Interested in this or other member benefit programs? Contact the Customer Focus Center at 513.579.3111 or e-mail

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