Electricity Savings FAQ

Why should I switch?
Current market conditions have resulted in lower wholesale electricity prices. This presents an opportunity for many businesses to take advantage of today's lower prices and begin saving versus the generation price offered by your local electric distribution company.

Can I get this discount for my residence as well? Unfortunately you cannot. This program is for businesses only. To find out more about residential programs visit http://www.puco.ohio.gov/

How long does my enrollment in the program last? If you enroll with the Chamber’s program, you are committed to taking your generation service from the selected supplier until your contract ends. Contract duration will be negotiated with the selected supplier.

Why can you offer me a discount on my business’ electricity rates? Typically, utility electric rates are set based on the "average" or "typical" customer group - residential, commercial or industrial. Your business isn't average, so that rate might not be as low as the rate that a competitive supplier can offer you. By receiving a price quote through the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, you can compare your current utility rate to a competitive market rate and make the best decision for your business.

How do I receive a quote? There are very few times per year that the bidding process is open for businesses to submit their rate information and receive a quote. If you would like to have your company included in the next quote process, please contact Greg Buscher, 513.686.2959. Your company name will be kept with other members requesting quote information. We will contact you once the bidding process begins with updates.

Once we have the necessary data, we will aggregate your information with other companies like yours and provide you with an offer letter of the best rate possible. It is then your choice to enter into the agreement or decline.

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