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CEO Roundtable

The CEO Roundtable brings CEOs and Presidents of regional companies together for a confidential and invigorating exchange of information, ideas and insights.

Program Overview

  • Each Roundtable consists of 8 to 12 members of noncompetitive companies representing various types of industries and organizations, including not-for-profits. Through monthly or every other month meetings, members enjoy candid, confidential discussions and receive advice and support from fellow CEOs who understand and share the unique challenges of top-level management.

Program Benefits

  • An informal, trusted board of advisors
  • Discussions focused on CEO-level issues
  • Diverse perspectives creating visionary solutions and ideas
  • Resourceful and engaged peer leadership

Meeting Format

Most CEO groups meet on a monthly basis while some groups meet every other month.  The meetings are group-led based on the needs of the participants in each roundtable. They meetings typically spotlight a member, address issues, learn from external speakers, and include robust discussions on critical business topics.  Many meet at a member’s company or a restaurant.  


Participants must be CEOs who hold the primary decision making responsibilities for their organizations overall operations and performance.

Application Process

 Click here to learn about the application process.
  • Approved applicants will be placed in a group considering factors that will create a good fit for both the new participant and the selected group.
  • Competitors will not be placed in the same group to assure open dialogue. 

Program Leadership

David Velie | CEO Roundtable Chair 
Managing Partner | AMEND Consulting LLC

“Just as steel sharpens steel, CEOs in CEO Roundtables make each other stronger. Each group offers a safe place for leaders to work through challenges and share successes. If you're the top level decision maker for your business, and are ready to think/follow through on critical business decisions... the CEO Roundtable has been the right fit for leaders like you for over 30 years.”

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