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CMO Roundtables

CMO Roundtables enable marketing executives to participate in candid and confidential discussions with others who understand and share the unique challenges of leading and developing successful marketing strategies and teams.

Program Overview

The CMO Roundtable is made possible through a partnership between the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA Cincinnati). This program empowers marketing leaders to deliver greater results for their organizations through strategies and tactics that lead to better marketing practices. Roundtable participants collaborate in a safe and confidential forum where ideas can be freely expressed and respectfully challenged. 

The CMO Roundtable allows marketing decision makers to dive deep into marketing challenges and opportunities, discuss them openly with an experienced group of marketing leaders and gain exposure to content experts.

Program Benefits

CMO Roundtable participants benefit in many ways from their involvement. The program allows them to:

  • Grow personally and professionally in an intellectually stimulating environment
  • Gain diverse perspectives by interacting with engaged peers, creating visionary solutions and ideas•
  • Build their professional networks
  • Discuss strategic marketing topics and issues at a CMO level and learn best practices
  • Dive deeper into a myriad of marketing challenges and gain constructive feedback
  • Become an American Marketing Association member (included in program cost)
  • Issue discussions at a C-Suite level with resourceful, engaged peers
  • Best practice discussions across multi-channel platforms, social and traditional media with similarly-experienced group of professionals
  • Actionable, shareable solutions
  • Diverse perspectives creating visionary solutions and ideas
  • A deeper dive into a myriad of marketing challenges and the opportunity for constructive feedback
  • Exposure to thought leaders through guest speakers

Meeting Format

The CMO Roundtable meets six times per year (every other month), typically at the offices of a group participant. The meetings last appoximately three hours. Below is an example of a meeting agenda:

  •  Welcome and Program Business
  • Best Practice Sharing
  • Marketing Spotlight: One of the group participants shares a marketing initiative, challenge or opportunity with the group for input and feedback.
  • Topic Highlight (guest speaker)
  • Facility Tour
  • Wrap-up

CMO Roundtable receptions are also offered periodically, allowing current and prospective participants of the CMO Roundtable to meet and connect with one another over drinks and hors d’oeurves.

Placement & Application Details


  • Participants must have primary decision making responsibility for their organization’s marketing functions.
  • Participants must not sell to or solicit business from other program participants.
  • All participants must sign a confidentiality form to allow for candid conversations and sharing of information in a safe environment.
  • All participants must sign a one-year commitment form to assure continuity of participation in the program throughout the year (renewable annually if agreeable to both the participant and the program leadership).

Application Process and Trial

  • Click here to complete the application.
  • If approved, applicants can join one session as a trial participant prior to making a one-year program commitment

Partcipant Composition

  • Program participants represent a variety of industries and typically represent mid-size and large organizations in terms of employee size, marketing team size, and marketing budget, but not in all cases.
  • Approved applicants will be placed in a group, considering factors that will create a good fit for both the new participant and the selected group. Competitors will not be placed in the same group to assure open dialogue.
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Dennis Devlin | CMO Roundtable Chair 
CEO, Consumer Clarity

“The program serves as a candid and confidential forum for both sharing with and learning from other marketing leaders about using best practices, leveraging opportunities and overcoming challenges. In a rapidly changing marketplace, the CMO Roundtable helps Cincinnati marketing leaders thrive, not just survive.”
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Participant Testimonials

“Marketing is changing at a record pace and it is challenging to keep up with it all. Nothing is quite as powerful as face-to-face information sharing. The CMO Roundtable has been an incredibly valuable resource to me because it is a collaborative environment where we can share ideas and learn from one another.I have successfully applied knowledge gained from the CMO Roundtable meetings in several areas of my business.”  - Tammy Nelson | CMO | SageSure Insurance Managers

"The CMO Roundtable has afforded me the experience to connect with other Cincinnati CMOs in order to share strategies, resources, and results that I can consider for my institution to help solve some of our marketing challenges and leverage some of our opportunities. "
-  Doug Ruschman | AVP for Marketing & Communications | Xavier University

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