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January 10, 2017

CincyInsights puts City data at your fingertips

CincyInsightsThe City of Cincinnati is taking its commitment to transparency and innovation to the next level with the launch of a wide range of interactive public dashboards featuring real-time City data.

These 15 new dashboards contain various datasets, and are now accessible 24/7 on the City’s new “CincyInsights” webpage, as well as through the City’s website and open data portal. Anyone is able to interact with, and easily analyze mapped data using filters such as neighborhood location, date, activity type and more.

Dashboards range from real-time snow plow tracking information to in-progress road projects to heroin overdoses. Other interactive datasets include: crime, emergency response, potholes, registered vendors and blight reduction.

A complete list of currently available dashboards is below. Additional visualizations will be added over time.

“Having this data at our fingertips will enable us to enhance City services and become a more efficient organization,” said Mayor John Cranley. “This is also a great way to utilize technology to increase transparency.”

“What we’re doing here is much bigger than just plotting data points on a map. We are opening the City’s data to the public in new and interesting ways,” said City Manager Harry Black who, with the support of the Mayor and City Council, has made it a priority to establish Cincinnati as a national model for the use of data analytics and technology.

“We recognize that access to local government’s information is fundamental to transparency and accountability,” Black added. “These are core values, people have a right to know what their government is doing.”

The dashboards take existing City data already found on the Open Data Cincinnati portal and translates the content into user-friendly visualizations. Each is organized according to the Administration’s five strategic priorities: Safer Streets, Growing Economy, Thriving and Healthy Neighborhoods, Innovative Government and Fiscal Sustainability.

The City also wants your help. The City is asking you to create your own visualizations and CincyInsights feature a “Viz of the Month”. These may be submitted by anyone through a survey on the website.

This initiative is an outgrowth of the work of the Office of Performance & Data Analytics (OPDA) who works closely with City departments to compile, centralize, and automate the publication of data. OPDA’s data strategy, deployed citywide, ensures transparency and enhanced customer service through frequent publication of high quality data for public consumption while enhancing performance management.

The City believes giving the data to the public will encourage residents and individuals to develop creative tools to engage, improve and serve the community. The long-term vision for the City’s data initiatives is to enhance customer service delivery, increase accountability and stimulate economic activity through information sharing.

You may access the CincyInsights website and find additional City datasets on the Open Data Cincinnati portal.

Available CincyInsights Dashboards

Safer Streets

  • Heroin Overdoes
  • Fire & Rescue Incident Responses
  • Police: All Response Activity
  • Fire: EMS Incident Response Activity
  • Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV)
Growing Economy
  • Certified Vendors (MBE/WBE Program)
  • Contracts Awarded (PRC: MBE/WBE Program)*
Innovative Government
  • Snow Plow Tracker
  • Customer Service: Citizen Service Requests (CSR)
Thriving & Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Greenspace Maintenance Plan
  • Street Sweeping
  • Private Lot Abatement Program (PLAP)
  • Trash Collection Routes
Fiscal Sustainability
  • Streets: Pavement Condition & Street Rehabilitation Program
  • Streets: CSR Pothole Requests

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