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Digital Transformation for SMB's

How to Future Proof Your Business and Improve Your Tech Bottom Line

Join us for a morning of exploring how to best Future Proof Your Business! Michael Fillios and Thomas Martin will lead us In discussions and explorations of moving businesses to the cloud and improving your tech bottom line. This interactive session will focus on industry and market trends, leading practices and insights on how to maximize the value of your technology investments and avoid creating technical debt by leveraging capabilities such as the cloud.
As technology transforms more and more aspects of every business, companies find themselves confronted with the potential to incur “technical debt” and run the risk of a potential tech bankruptcy!  Our speakers will expand on the definition of technical debt and provide a detailed treatment of this issue with practical tools to manage it including insights and real-world examples such as leveraging the cloud.
We will explore the potential pitfalls, discuss the planning process of application migration, the economics of how to optimize your costs during/post transition, the cultural and skill changes that will need to be addressed during the journey, and most importantly how to keep your company running securely in the cloud!

Please join us for this informative and thought provoking discussion!


Michael C. Fillios
Founder/CEO  – IT ALLY

Michael C. Fillios is the founder and CEO of IT Ally, LLC., a C-Suite IT and Cyber Advisory firm for small and mid size businesses. He is a four-time CIO and senior global business and technology executive with 25 years of experience in transformation, change leadership and operations management in the Pharmaceutical, Industrials, Automotive, Banking and Consulting Industries. Most recently he was SVP & CIO for the Commercial Bank at Fifth Third.  His first book, Tech Debt 2.0: How to Future Proof Your Business and Improve Your Tech Bottom Line is forthcoming in the spring, 2020.


Thomas Martin
CEO/Founder - BigCo. SmallCo.

Former CIO, and technology leader at the General Electric Company. Prior to leaving GE, Thomas was the Executive Vice President of Application Transformation tasked with moving 9000 legacy workloads to public and private cloud infrastructure.  He has been a leading evaluator, adopter, and advocate of innovative tools and emerging technologies that drive digitally enabled business models and cloud based infrastructure at scale.

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