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2019 Manufacturing Summit: Cyber Security Risks & Solutions

Join us Dec. 3 as we welcome Julio Guzman, Vice President, Investigations/Senior Operations Officer at The Ackerman Group, to Cincinnati from Miami, Florida.  Since 1977, corporations have called on The Ackerman Group for counsel on a broad range of security and investigative issues, including those surrounding their Kidnap Ransom and Extortion Insurance policy. Guzman’s keynote address will cover security measures, both personal and physical, as well as emergency/crisis responses. Following the keynote will be a panel discussion and then a tour of TechSolve's High Bay and then RBI Solar.

Moderator Mike Williams, will lead a panel discussion with Kurt Hunt, John Loyal, Lacy Rex and Joe Rogan, who have almost 65 years of industry experience, on the ins and outs of cyber security risks and solutions. You’ll hear from perspectives covering law, insurance and a manufacturer who has gone through an actual hack. Immediately following the program there will be a tour of TechSolve’s High Bay and then a tour of RBI Solar, Inc.


Attendees will hear first-hand the date and location of our 2020 Manufacturing.This exclusive trip for manufacturers is the fifth in line of previous trips including Minneapolis/St Paul, Nashville, Greenville SC.and Pittsburgh. 

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