Disney Institute Workshop: Disney's Approach to Business Excellence

Presented live online by Disney Institute leaders, Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence offers the opportunity to build knowledge and discover proven Disney business insights from our chain of excellence that can be adapted and applied to your own profession, team or organization to achieve greater results.

Attendees will:

  • Learn about Disney’s time-tested business insights that engage professionals to think differently through compelling narratives and storytelling.
  • Gain understanding and application of Disney’s Chain of Excellence
    Understand and apply the power of values and vision in leadership to create a motivated and productive workforce.
  • Examine the time-tested techniques behind Disney's renowned service culture.
  • Understand the impact of customer feedback and continuous improvement.
  • Gain insight into how team culture is strengthened and is interwoven throughout a successful organization.
  • Participate in guided activities that demonstrate how to adapt and apply the Disney approach to impact systems and processes that enable enhanced customer service.

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