Cyber Tabletop Simulation with Oswald


Cyber Tabletop Simulation – The Worst-Case Scenario: A Dress Rehearsal

Cyber attacks can affect organizations of all sizes. Having an incident response plan (IRP) enables an organization to respond quickly and efficiently if an incident occurs. An effective, well-tested IRP is essential for an organization's cyber resiliency. 

By attending this webinar, you will:
  • Learn more about IRPs
  • Get a roadmap to test your IRP with a cyber tabletop exercise
  • Be prepared and able to make your organization more cyber resilient
  • Lacy Rex | Vice President & Cyber Strategic Leader | Oswald Companies
  • Brett Anderson | Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer | Tracepoint
  • Jim Giszczak | Co-Chair of the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice Group, Chair of the Litigation Department | McDonald Hopkins
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Cybersecurity is an evolving risk that poses a threat to organizations of all sizes. Companies and organizations small and large need to consider cybersecurity risk plans which can help cover the financial burden of paying ransoms and lost profits along with the concerns from business interruption from a cyber breach. Through our partnership with Oswald, we are pleased to share a comprehensive cyber liability solution for your organization.

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