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Stress Does NOT Lead to Success!


When you hear the phrase “work-life balance,” what comes to mind? Do you feel you have to choose between being happy or being productive?

Our fast-paced culture of success is based on a linear view of growth as advancing towards the next raise and promotion. There’s a critical need for a different view of personal growth, evidenced by the rising popularity of practices such as yoga and mindfulness. “Life-work integration” is an invitation to expand our experience of success to include a sense of accomplishment, not only in the workplace but also in all areas of our lives —24 hours a day.

If you or your staff suffer from stress, burnout, or compassion fatigue and want to learn how to have a successful career anda healthy life, this experiential session will provide participants with the opportunity to create real change in real time using their personal experiences.

Come have breakfast with us and discover ways to integrate this into your workplace.

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Facilitated by:

Janene Smith

Certified in Narrative Coaching and Conversational Intelligence®, Janene’s coaching background includes working globally to provide clarity to clients in their personal and professional lives. The heart of her coaching work supports personal discovery, transition, connection, and sustainability.  She coaches other coaches, sales and business personnel, school superintendents, athletes, and people in all walks of life. In addition to her unique listening and questioning skills, she creates a safe environment to aid her clients in rediscovering who they truly are, and finding a direction that is consistent with their heartfelt values and goals. 


Claudia is the Founder and Director of Profluence, coaching and consulting firm that specializes in providing clients with a unique coaching experience that encompasses mind, body, and data by seamlessly combing multiple distinctly effective coaching methods. Claudia’s extensive leadership and coaching background include environments such as convents, non-profits, governmental agencies, universities, and fortune 500 corporations. As a triple certified coach, fluent in five languages, she is a versatile, high-level communicator and technical expert at moving people and companies forward.

Event details

When: 9/17/2019 8:30 AM–10:30 AM
Where: Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
Cost: Member: 35 Non-Member: 65
Contact Info: Claudia Lopez

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