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Policy Positions

The Cincinnati Chamber’s policy principles represent our positions on key topic areas and provide a benchmark when considering positions on current and on-going issues at all levels of government.

Policy Principles

Economic Development & Regional Competitiveness

The Cincinnati Chamber will support policies on behalf of the region to improve economic development opportunities, leverage regional assets, maximize investments in the local economy, and increasethe competitiveness of the business environment

Talent & Inclusion
The Chamber will support policies that attract, develop, and connect talent to the region, create an inclusive environment for all people, and foster an appropriately skilled and educated workforce to accelerate the regions business growth.
Government Efficiency & Regulatory Reform

The Chamber will support policies that encourage governments to operate in an efficient, cohesive, and flexible manner, while allowing for responsible use and allocation of taxpayer resources.

The Chamber will support transportation projects and policies that connect people to jobs, education and health care and create a modern multi-modal transportation system. The Chamber will encourage the use of market-based solutions that embrace innovation, expand funding resources, and decrease project completion times.
The Chamber will support tax policies that stimulate growth, encourage innovation, support job creation, and allow businesses to continue to invest in their businesses and community.
The Chamber will support policies to promote the likelihood for better health outcomes for individuals and populations, enhance the care experience, and reduce costs. 
Energy & Environment

The Chamber will support energy and environmental policies that consider all viable and appropriate sources of energy, encourage innovation, reduce costs, allow for economic growth, and permit a flexible and responsible means of compliance.

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