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Credit Card Processing

Save 40% or more on your credit card and debit card payment processing with Infintech.


Cincinnati Chamber has partnered with Infintech to deliver an exclusive benefit program that helps members efficiently process credit cards at a fraction of their current cost.

Solutions for Every Merchant:
  • Pre-negotiated credit card processing rates: Participating members can expect to save 20 to 40% or more off their credit card processing fees.
  • Live, dedicated customer support: Each member receives their own support specialist, which means a live person answers every phone call.
  • Education and guidance: With more than a decade of experience, Infintech’s advisors counsel merchants on payment processing best practices so they can achieve the lowest rate possible.
  • Cutting-edge solutions: From software integration to secure payment gateway options, our experts can facilitate nearly every technology.

How do you get started?
Contact Beth McNeill, 513.686.2950.

Request Credit Card Processing Info

Please contact me. I am interested in learning more about credit card processing savings through Infintech.

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