Coverage & Training

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, in partnership with Oswald, is pleased to offer cybersecurity as part of its suite of Cost Saving Programs. Through the partnership, the Chamber is offering cyber liability coverage plus customizable cybersecurity educational sessions facilitated by subject matter experts.


We've partnered with Oswald to help protect your business against cyber threats.

Gain access to quarterly exclusive cybersecurity training and educational sessions through Oswald. 

Founded in 1893, Oswald is one of the nation’s largest independent insurance brokerage firms. Oswald Cincinnati has been serving clients in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana for years. Their team is a full-service Risk Management firm focused on a proactive insurance brokerage partnership. 

Cyber Risk has become one of the largest emerging liabilities as organizations become more reliant on technology. Oswald’s programs go beyond cyber insurance, but also incorporate enterprise-wide integration and education. Through a total cybersecurity risk evaluation and safety strategy, the Oswald team will advise which coverages to place and actions to be taken to keep your organization prepared for potential pitfalls and react to an incident should it occur. A typical cyber policy works as a risk transfer mechanism to fill gaps in a standard property and casualty policy that protects against physical loss or damage. Most cyber policies cover a wide array of incidents and resources: 

  • Ransomware
  • Business Interruption Costs
  • Reputation Harm
  • Bricking and Betterment Coverage
  • Forensic Accounting Resources
  • Cyber Incident Breach Coach
  • Employee Education and Training
  • Incident Response Plan

With this partnership, Chamber Members have access to customizable cyber liability coverage and the following key features:  

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity insurance coverage for businesses of any size and industry
  • Discounted IT services  
  • Free cyber risk security rating
  • Best practices for working remotely
  • Quarterly exclusive cybersecurity training and educational sessions
  • Access to Cyber Alert App
  • Dedicated claims advocacy

Learn more by contacting Thomas Deere, Vice President of Sales & Engagement at  

The Chamber is hosting a free virtual events for business leaders to learn more about cybersecurity and this cost saving program.
 This four-part series will help prepare and equip the business community with a custom cybersecurity risk assessment and strategic plan, and provide information on how to receive on-going support from cybersecurity experts.