Energy Savings FAQ

Why should I switch?
Current market conditions have resulted in lower wholesale electricity & natural gas prices. This presents opportunities for many businesses to take advantage of today's lower prices and begin saving, versus the generation price offered by your local electric utility.

How long does my enrollment in the program last?
If you enroll in the Chamber program, you are committed to taking your generation service from the selected supplier until your contract ends. The term length for each contract will vary depending on your company’s goals. These goals typically include savings and/or budget certainty, but at its core, contract term length is rooted in your tolerance for risk.

Why can you offer a discount on my business’ electricity & natural gas rates?
Utility electric rates are set based on the schedule for which the utility is required to purchase wholesale power in order to satisfy the energy demands of the service region. Little to no deviation from this schedule is permitted by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). Alternatively, energy suppliers are not required to adhere to this schedule and can therefore make wholesale power purchases more strategically. Combining this strategic purchasing ability with the bulk purchasing power of the Chamber will reduce your electricity supply costs to levels below the utility’s rates, but also produce rates lower than those available from other standalone offers. You can then compare your current utility rate to a competitive market rate and make the best decision for your business.

How do I receive a quote?
All we need to generate FREE Rate Analysis is a complete copy of your most recent utility bill. From there our partner, Good Energy, will be able to shop your rates with suppliers from around the country to provide you with a list of rates and terms that best meeting your need. Once we receive your utility bill we will provide you with a Rate Analysis within 3-5 business days. If you would like to receive a Rate Analysis, please email your complete utility bill to Nick Schroth at or call for more information, 513-579-3180.

Once the Chamber has necessary data, we will aggregate your information with other companies like yours and provide you with an offer letter of the best rate possible for various contract term lengths. It is then your choice to enter into the agreement.

Will my service be affected?
No, you will continue to receive the same quality of service from your local utility. Transmission and delivery of your energy is the regulated portion of your bill and will remain the responsibility of the utility.

If I'm already with a supplier may I still participate?
Yes, you may participate, however, it’s best to review your existing supply contract in order to determine when it expires. Once the existing contract expires, you may enroll with the Chamber program. Otherwise, early termination fees from your existing supplier may apply.

When can I expect to see my new rate?
Your new rate will begin with the first meter read of the start date of your contract. That means you will see your new rate reflected on the following month’s bill for the preceding/first month’s service.

Once you present a contract to me, how long do I have to decide?
Rate acceptance is a daily process. Once you receive your Rate Analysis you will have until the end of that business day to determine your rate and term as well as sign the appropriate contact. Your contract selection will be sent to you the same day for execution.

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