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Save up to 53% on Traditional Group Rating, up to 62% on Group Retro and 2-4% rebates with Safety Council with the ChamberComp™ Program.




Be part of the largest group rating program in southwest Ohio. ChamberComp™ offers two group rating programs: Group Experienced Rating, and Group Retrospective Rating. Combined these programs are saving Cincinnati Chamber members over $31.6 million in Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) premiums.

Group Rating

  • This program provides a discount, shown on your premium statements, up to the maximum of 53%. That’s immediate savings on each payment to the BWC! The better your claims history, the more you can save.
  • More than 3,700 Cincinnati Chamber participants save over $15.4 million in this program — that’s an average of just over $4,100 per participant.

Group Retrospective 

  • Commonly referred to as, “group retro,” this program provides a refund to qualified participants and has proven to be a valuable option for companies who may not qualify for the highest group rating discounts. Although participants need to wait for their refund to be paid by the BWC, current participants are expecting a 56-62% refund.
  • Nearly 660 Chamber participants are projected to receive refunds of over $16.2 million – that’s an average of more than $24,500 per participant.

Additional BWC rebates from 2-4% participating in our FREE to members Greater Cincinnati Safety Council.

Better Service

  • Sheakley is local and uses a team based service model to provide comprehensive, expert claims management.
  • Sheakley's service representatives are experts in identifying pre-existing conditions to help reduce employers' premiums. In 2015, Sheakley was yet again a leader in filing Handicap Reimbursements for pre-existing conditions, with a total of 1,107 applications, and settling claims, and a total of 1,470, demonstrating their dedication to finding every opportunity to maximize savings. 
  • Always looking out for the best interest of Cincinnati companies, Sheakley will review your company and evaluate your savings potential through both the group rating and group retro savings programs. 
  • Sheakley and the Cincinnati Chamber enjoy a 25 year partnership and a proud history of accurate savings projections.
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Sheakley, the Cincinnati-based administrator of ChamberComp™, determines eligibility for participants using company claims and payroll records provided by the state. Because ChamberComp™ is the largest program in southwestern Ohio, there are more group options for your company within the program, which could mean better savings than smaller programs.

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