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Cincinnati welcomes approximately 24 million visitors each year to experience all the region has to offer with a direct spend of $4.4 billion. Reach a broad audience of residents and visitors, generating attention to your event or attraction through the Cincinnati Business District Banner Program.

Street Banners are administered exclusively by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. All arrangements for street banners must be made through the Cincinnati Chamber’s Sponsorship Department.

General Information

  • Banners are reserved for cultural and civic events or activities of general public interest.
  • Banners may not be used for commercial advertising or to promote political candidates, parties or issues.

Reservations and Placement

  • Reservations are confirmed in order of receipt based on availability of poles requested.
  • Banners can be reserved for placement for any length of time (i.e. one week to multiple months).
  • The enclosed map shows the location of all poles per zone.
  • Our banner representative will work with you on optimal placement based on availability.
  • Nonprofit organizations must submit a banner request form no less than 60 days in advance of requested display date.

Content, Design and Production

  • Banners are displayed two per pole and are double sided front and back.
  • Each banner is 31 inches wide and 96 inches long.
  • The graphics may be designed to have the right and left banners depict a single graphic across both banners.
  • Associated sponsors may be given credit on up to 25% of each banner. No commercial messages (i.e. phone numbers, websites, email addresses) are permitted.
  • All new banners must be requested 30 days prior to installation date to allow for production.
  • In addition, all new artwork approval takes approximately three weeks and is submitted to the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber for review and final approval by the City of Cincinnati.

Pricing and Production

  • AdPro Signs is the official banner partner for the street banner program handling all production, installation, removal and storage.
  • Cost of production per banner $185
  • Cost of rental/install/removal $125
  • Stickers can also be created for existing banners with new sponsors. Cost to be determined based on size.
  • All banners are the property of each organization. Banners can be stored for an annual fee of $75 for up to 85 banners.
  • For both new and existing banners, an installation/removal fee is charged per pole. See map for zone locations.           

How to get started?

Contact Tracey Brachle, 513.579.3196

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