State of the Region Report

As the region continues grow, the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber believes it is paramount to benchmark progress and begin establishing a wide- range of key indicators that will inform business leaders and decision makers. Cincinnati’s State of the Region Report highlights areas of strength, as well as opportunities for growth.

This first report defines 20 key indicators and dives into a host of economic and community datasets, including demographics, public health, and industry spotlights. Of course, there is no shortage
of fascinating and informative ways of looking at data that defines our region. That’s why our Center for Research and Data will soon debut an online dashboard that tracks these and other pertinent and illuminating indicators.

In order to distinguish how the region is positioned nationally, this report identifies geographically comparable peer regions located within 500 miles of Cincinnati. Most are similarly sized to Cincinnati, but not all. Each has its own unique opportunities and challenges. Over time, the Center for Research and Data will continue to add to the peer cities, including by adding more aspirational and non-geographically similar cities.

As the Cincinnati business community continues to roar back from the COVID-19 pandemic, these benchmarks will ensure that our region is keeping pace with peers and support the Chamber’s vision to deliver an economic platform that accelerates opportunity for all who call our region home.

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