January 12, 2021

Lindner Capstone Builds Tri-State Talent Pool

The Lindner MBA Capstone Projects build our city’s talent pool by giving MBA candidates two hours of academic credit for working on an important project that is on your back burner because your people are focused on more urgent issues. The student team gets to back-fill on your behalf and learn a lot in the process. Applications for the 2021 Lindner Capstone close on January 15.

The Lindner MBA Capstone Projects are based on the fundamental belief that education must foster personal growth – all full-time MBA candidates are required to complete a 14-week, team-based, field project in which 4-person, multi-functional teams assist businesses address ongoing challenges. Companies as diverse as Assurex Health* and Kellogg’s** partner with the Carl H. Lindner College of Business to invest in building the capabilities of our MBA students and strengthen the incredibly diverse talent pool in our Tri-State area. Lindner MBA Capstones are a win-win-win for students, sponsors as well as Lindner College: students earn 2 hours of academic credit and an opportunity for experiential learning; sponsors get professional assistance at no cost; Lindner College gets an opportunity to showcase the talents of its graduates. At the time of publication there are a few slots still available for the 2021 Lindner MBA Capstone which is offered mid-January through mid-April every year. We are accepting projects for the 2022 capstone season. The time-on-task for the student team is no more than 9 weeks. As a result, our most rewarding capstone projects involve rigorous research and analysis using existing data sources - data that your business already has or data you know the student team can conveniently access either in the public domain or through video-conferenced interviews with your personnel. Typically, such a project is already on your back burner, you know it is important but your people cannot get to it because your people are focused on more urgent issues. The student team gets to back-fill on your behalf and learn a lot in the process.

Are you in? Call Rajan (513-556-7132) or send a message to rajan.kamath@uc.edu.

*Assurex Health is a Mason-based start-up in personalized medicine that was acquired by Myriad Genetics in 2016, a year after our Lindner MBA team presented the CEO of Assurex with recommendations for positioning the business in a fast-moving, tech-enabled marketplace.
** A Lindner MBA team worked on the market analysis for re-positioning Kellogg’s products in the breakfast cereal business. The team’s presentation at Kellogg’s headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan gave them an insider’s perspective on the re-invention of a multi-billion-dollar, global business.


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