Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

January 7, 2020

Leadership Roundtable Kickoff Jan. 22

Join us for our annual Leadership Roundtable Kickoff January 22 as we hear from bestselling author Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants.

Burlingham will talk about what he learned while writing his book about 14 small-to-midsize, privately owned companies that are widely acknowledged as being the best at what they do, and that have been singled out for their extraordinary contributions to their communities.

He found that they all had what he calls mojo — an elusive quality that makes them irresistible to customers and employees alike. Their mojo, he showed, comes from six characteristics they have in common. In his presentation, Burlingham talks about those characteristics and describes the specific techniques that companies use to generate mojo.

The Leadership Roundtable program connects non-competitive C-Suite business leaders representing a variety of industries and organizations for a confidential exchange of information, ideas and insights. Meetings offer candid problem solving sessions from fellow leaders who understand and share the unique challenges of top-level management.


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