November 10, 2020

Apprenti Cincinnati

This year has highlighted a recurring theme in the workforce – the critical need to have the right talent in place. Employers are faced with talent gaps, lean teams, and the imperative to have diverse and underrepresented professionals within their organizations.

As dependency on technology skills, remote work savvy professionals, and focus industry credentials continue to permeate the landscape, so does the need to look outside traditional sources for the employees needed to scale the business. The talent gap is a growing challenge regardless of industry, but it is especially front and center in IT.   

“Especially in IT, the field is expanding so much and so rapidly, we really recognize there is a need to be creative about where we find talent,” said Janet Nelson, HR Director, Global Corporate Function IT at Procter & Gamble.

Apprenti Cincinnati is working on closing this gap through providing a streamlined talent pipeline for employers, while providing economic mobility opportunities for underrepresented talent. The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber partnered with Apprenti, a national program to provide opportunities for advancement for non-traditional professionals and in turn strengthen the tech ecosystem in the Cincinnati region. With an emphasis on reaching women, veteran, and minority candidates, Apprenti Cincinnati is a critical onramp to fill available technology roles in our region through registered apprenticeship.

Using Apprenti’s proprietary screening process, the Chamber facilitates the management, assessment, and placement of apprentices. This unique process provides hiring partners a key ally in their workforce planning strategy. Employers receive a pipeline of pre-screened qualified talent, reducing uncertainty and streamlining the recruiting process. After hiring, apprentices complete a year of on-the-job training where employers can train the apprentice with a goal of retention. This model allows employers to build rapport with the candidate while they help them acquire key competencies, allowing for an informed choice about employment after the apprenticeship program.  

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, see how Apprenti Cincinnati is making a difference in our region for both employers and candidates here.

Apprenti Cincinnati’s success is receiving attention and support from additional funders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this year, the program received a $10,000 workforce development grant from the Duke Energy Foundation. This funding will enable Apprenti Cincinnati to expand its marketing efforts and support operational costs, contributing to its goals of doubling the number of apprentices served in 2021 and increasing economic mobility in the region.

The Duke Energy Foundation’s Powerful Communities program makes strategic investments to build powerful communities where our natural resources thrive, students can excel and a talented workforce drives economic prosperity for all. The Foundation annually funds more than $30 million to communities throughout Duke Energy's seven-state service area.

Learn more about Apprenti Cincinnati and the ways you can get involved or contact Christina Misali for more information.

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