Workforce Innovation Center Brings Together Top Executives in the Region to Discuss Inclusive Capitalism 

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CINCINNATI – April 13, 2021 – The Cincinnati Chamber’s Workforce Innovation Center, in collaboration with the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, will host a virtual event, Inclusive Capitalism in Action: Lessons from the Cincinnati region, on April 27, 2021 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. The two-hour program will bring together executives from some of the Cincinnati region’s most recognized companies to discuss how and why they are practicing tenets of inclusive capitalism in their business today and provide insights for all companies to consider adopting in their own organizations.  

“Our region’s business community has already put into place innovative practices that are models of inclusive capitalism in action, and they continue to set new targets for their ongoing growth,” says Audrey Treasure, Executive Director of the Workforce Innovation Center. “This event will help leaders connect with executives who are already leading by example and gain effective advice, practical tools, and fresh perspectives on how to drive progress towards a more inclusive capitalism to support their company’s goals.” 

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Confirmed companies and speakers include: 

  • Procter & Gamble: David Taylor, CEO, Chairman and President and Damon Jones, Chief Communications Officer 
  • The Kroger Co: Rodney McMullen, Chairman and CEO; Tim Massa, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer  
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center: Michael Fisher, President and CEO; Nerissa Morris, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer  
  • Dan Meyer, President & CEO, Nehemiah Manufacturing 
  • Tom Williams, CEO, North American Properties, Commission Member, Commission for Inclusive Capitalism 
  • Ed Rigaud, Chairman and Owner, EnovaPremier, LLC  
  • Audrey Treasure, Executive Director, Workforce Innovation Center 
  • Darrin Redus, Executive Director, Minority Business Accelerator 

The Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism recently released the Framework for Inclusive Capitalism: A New Compact Among Business, Government, and American Workers. The Framework includes 21 bold but pragmatic policy recommendations that would help rebuild an economy that is more equitable and produces more sustainable growth and social capital over the long term. The Framework was put together by a bipartisan commission of individuals representing CEOs, civic leaders, economists, and scholars from diverse backgrounds.  

“As a part of the national commission which wrote the Framework, I am pleased to host this event and feature Cincinnati companies and executives who support their employees and a strong business bottom line,” says Tom Williams, CEO of North American Properties and Workforce Innovation Center Advisory Board member. “We believe that as more companies across our region practice inclusive capitalism, it will improve company performance and positively transform our region and serve as a beacon to the rest of the nation.” 

The Cincinnati region has worked the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism since 2018, when the business community hosted an event about inclusive capitalism that was modeled after an Aspen Institute panel on the same topic. In 2018, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Founder of the Coalition, and Mark Weinberger, then Global Chairman and CEO of EY, joined Cincinnati Executives Ed Rigaud of Enova Premier and Tim Massa of Kroger to discuss inclusive capitalism, its opportunities and importance, as well as the Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism, which was released in 2018. Nearly 300 company leaders from the Cincinnati region attended that event. The Workforce Innovation Center at the Cincinnati Regional Chamber was established later that year to intentionally support companies in making inclusive capitalism a tangible part of their long-term business strategy.

“America’s economic recovery will be powered by the companies that profitably operate and invest in ways that benefit all stakeholders,” said Meredith Sumpter, CEO of the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism. “Cincinnati’s businesses are leading the way with truly dynamic strategies that deliver for the common good and for the bottom line. I am excited to discuss the inclusive practices the region’s businesses leaders are undertaking and that business leaders and policy experts elsewhere might learn from.”

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About the Workforce Innovation Center 

Housed at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, the Workforce Innovation Center drives companies to adopt inclusive practices that empower employees, the community, and their businesses to thrive. The Center offers a suite of services to support businesses in understanding their current workforce and finding opportunities to improve their policies, practices, and benefits to support their employees and their business bottom line. Through successful engagement of companies with inclusive practices, the Cincinnati region is a beacon of inclusion and engagement for employees resulting in long-term financial success, innovation, and sustainability for its employers, their employees, and the broader community. Read the pledge and learn more about Center’s long-term vision here.

About the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber 
The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s mission is to grow the vibrancy and economic prosperity of the Cincinnati region. The Chamber team is working on behalf of more than 3,500 member businesses to ignite business resiliency and inclusive growth, to invest in the people who call this region home, to lead regional connectivity through collaboration, and to champion the region’s unique advantages. The Chamber is powered by inclusion, regional thinking, data, policy, and relationships. The Cincinnati Chamber’s vision is that the region embodies the Future City, where business growth delivers the economic platform that accelerates opportunity for everyone who calls this region home. For more information, visit

About the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism

The Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to making capitalism work for everyone. The Coalition partners with private, public, and civic sector leaders on initiatives to make capitalism inclusive and its benefits more widely shared. Learn more at

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