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Our changing workforce and expanding markets demand higher levels of cultural competence—the ability to shift cultural perspective and adapt behavior and communication styles to successfully accomplish business results. Building Cultural Competence, sponsored by Ohio National Financial Services, develops skills for building bridges across the cultural, political and social divides in our region and our country.



  • Measuring the cultural competence of the participants and charting improvements over time.
  • Enhancing understanding of one’s own worldview and cultural identity, including implicit/unconscious bias.
  • Increasing knowledge of differences viewed through race, ethnicity and gender.
  • Equipping participants with tools for communication and behavior that bridge differences.
  • Creating an ongoing, cross-cultural dialogue that examines how we increase inclusion in our region.
  • Fostering a network of individuals, companies and groups who serve as champions of change in our communities.


  • The business case for cultural competence
  • Role of emotional intelligence in bridging cultural differences
  • Building rapport across cultures
  • Adapting communication for unfamiliar situations
  • Listening and learning in conflict
  • The role of leaders in raising cultural competence of employees, constituents, stakeholders and more
  • The neuroscience of bias and strategies for reducing the negative impact
  • The program will culminate with individual action plans based on insights and learning from the class sessions.



This program will be offered in a blended learning format. The sessions will be virtual and the learning circles are optional in-person or virtual. 

Session 1: September 1 | 9 –11a.m. 

Session 2 Part 1: September 9 |  9 –11a.m.
    • Session 2 (Learning Circle):  September 17 | 9 –10a.m. 

Session 2 Part 2: September 22 | 9 –10a.m.

Session 3 Part 1: October 1 | 9 - 11a.m.
    • Session 3 (Learning Circle):    October 6 | 9 –10a.m.

Session 3 Part 2: October 15 | 9 -10 a.m.

Session 4 Part 1: October 20 | 9 -11a.m.
    • Session 4 (Learning Circle): Oct 29 | 9 – 10a.m.

Session 4 Part 2: November 12 | 9 - 10a.m.

Session 5: November 17 | 9 -11:30a.m.
    • Session 5 (Learning Circle): December 1 | 9 –10a.m.

Session 6: December 9 | 9 -11:30a.m.


  • 174 leaders have graduated since 2017
  • More than 50 organizations represented
  • Cultural competence increased 11 points (7 is significant)


The program is open to business, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors. Tuition is $1,500 for Chamber Members and $2,500 for Non Members. Fees includes the cost for all of the sessions and two intercultural competence assessments and two individual coaching sessions. There is a $50 application fee. Partial grants may be available for those with a financial need. 

Participants of the program will be required to engage in pre-class assignments which will require approximately 1-3 hours during the weeks prior to each session. Will you be able to contribute the time needed to fulfill these assignments?

Applications Open: July 20, 2020
Applications Due: August 21, 2020 

How to Apply

Questions? Contact Amy Thompson 513.579.3141.

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