Rosemary D. Oglesby-Henry

Title: CEO/Founder

Current / Past Place of Employment: Rosemary's Babies Co.

How many years have you been in the region? Born and raised Cincinnatian

Where are you originally from? Cincinnati

Ms. Rosemary Oglesby-Henry is a native Cincinnatian. Rosemary started her adult life as a teen parent but used her struggle, strong faith in God, social support, and self-motivation to heal and help others to do the same. Oglesby-Henry is a bridge-builder, nationally known leadership educator, author, philanthropist, and award-winning founder/ CEO of an impact organization (501c3) committed to helping teen parents master the concepts of self-leadership to leave a legacy.

Ms. Oglesby-Henry's work has been published in three magazines including Forbes and four novels. She is featured in the 2022 Documentary Short, Worth One's Salt by Producer Dr. Dretona Maddox, a social impact film that focuses on barriers to health equity in maternal health for black pregnant teens.

She has received more than 40 honors and recognitions for her leadership and philanthropy throughout her career. She has shared her story and her organization's mission as a speaker and panelist at conferences, events, and across international and local media outlets to millions. She has been quoted in numerous magazines and on platforms for her advocacy positions related to education, Youth Pregnancy &Parenthood Awareness, and maternal health. Ms. Rosemary has been a member of more than 10 boards local and state. 

Over two decades Rosemary, an entrepreneur. has used her business acumen to mentor and consult with more than 50 small businesses and non-profits to start, expand programs, and increase revenue by more than 50% estimated cumulative at $200,000.

In 30 seconds or less, tell us who YOU are. This is not your professional bio, but rather, your response should reflect how you are uniquely you.
A Christian Leader, who blossomed through the concrete to change the trajectory for teen parents and children across the globe.

What is something that most people do not know about you?
That my favorite hobby above anything is sleeping! I absolutely love to take vacation with beautiful views and sleep.

What are your personal core values?
God. Education. Community. Family. Respect. Loyalty. Love. In that order.

What is the primary motivation of your leadership?
To be of service to God by serving his people. God has placed a specific calling on my life. At first, it was difficult for me to accept but I found that throughout my life every situation has led me to this point. To this specific position to be a servant.

What has been the cornerstone of your life journey that influenced your personal mission and purpose?
To protect the innocence and wellbeing of children, specifically teen parents, and their babies because their story is my story.

Who has had an immense impact on you as a leader? How did this person (or people) impact your life?
I’m inspired by so many women, and I take a little piece of knowledge and light from each one; providing me the nourishment I need to grow. Women like Cathy Hughes who is my icon, or Dr. Cheryl Polote-Williamson who was my former business coach as I navigated my first development deal, Karen Harshaw who taught me that hope was not a business strategy. My grandmother Rose who blessed me to see people beyond who they are, and my mother whose blood and resilience runs through my veins. It’s a compilation of all these women; it’s the plight of womanhood that inspires me.

What piece of advice have you received along the way in your career or life journey that has stuck with you?
There are five quotes that I live by: 1) The secret of living is giving, 2.) Sometimes you have to walk around a wall rather than through it 3.) Pray without ceasing, 4.) You cannot heal a spiritual womb with human tools, and 5.) I cannot control how people treat me or how they respond but I can control how I treat people and how I react!

What one thing makes you most proud?
What makes me most proud is, I was able to stop the generational curse of teenage pregnancy in my family. Seeing that my faves (my children, nieces, and nephews) are not walking within the consequences of their parents or those before us.  We were able to give them a better position in life so they can in-turn do the same for their children. 

What’s one thing you do every day (or with consistency) to be a better person?
Show compassion. I pray, walk by faith, and work.

What are a few resources or behaviors you would recommend to someone looking to grow into a better leader?
Consistently pray. Stand on your ethics. Be relentless.

How do you define success?
Reaching your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), which for me is so huge it is unattainable. Thereby, anything I accomplish on the way to reaching the goal is success!

Why do you choose to make the Cincinnati region home?
Cincinnati has a diverse economy with a robust job market, and great educational options. I have been able to raise my family here and grow a thriving business with the support of our leaders; and our community. Cincinnati truly is a place you can plant seeds that will grow. Plus, they have great chili! Team Skyline.

What do you imagine for the future of the Cincinnati region?
An adoption of blockchain technology or a system that would create consistent income for affordable housing.

What legacy do you hope to leave behind?
A legacy where I have truly made an impact on the global, economic, and social advancements for any minors who are parenting. This begins with the Holloway House & Resource Center.


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