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Partnering with business leaders to advance the adoption of inclusive practices in their workplaces that empower employees, the community and their businesses to thrive.

In today’s economy in the midst of a global pandemic and an increased awareness of racial disparities across society, companies are looking for ways to embody what capitalism was originally designed to be – a force for positive change in the world supporting employees, customers, communities and businesses to achieve success.

The need for companies to understand their current workforce needs and trends, as well as which practices could improve their companies to make them more inclusive has taken on a heightened urgency to drive long-term, sustainable decisions.

The Cincinnati Regional Chamber’s Workforce Innovation Center helps companies to solve business challenges with tools to analyze their existing talent base, and then recommendations that enable companies to meet business needs with more inclusive practices.

The Workforce Innovation Center’s practice recommendations include evidence-based approaches, local partners and training providers with relevant services, and Cincinnati Chamber offerings and benefits.
ConversationThe Center consults with employers to understand their employees’ experience and employee data to identify trends and help companies set their individual goals for improvement. Based on the company’s data, the Workforce Innovation Center will make practice recommendations for a business to consider implementing in order to achieve their goals and make improvements within its organization.
ConnectionAs a part of the consulting practice, The Center serves as a connector between employers, social service agencies and training providers, helping companies to identify new sources of talent and service offerings to meet their needs. 
InclusionBy encouraging employers to adopt inclusive practices that place emphasis on valuing and supporting a company’s human capital, the Workforce Innovation Center seeks to transform the regional business community to be more inclusive, contributing to the overall growth and success of the regional economy.

Featured Initiative

In 2019 and 2020, the Workforce Innovation Center is pleased to partner with Mayor John Cranley and the City of Cincinnati’s Office of Performance and Data Analytics to be named as one of 10 cities participating in theWhat Works Cities Economic Mobility Initiative, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Gates Foundation and Ballmer Group. The award provides technical assistance to The Center and the City of Cincinnati from a variety of partners including Results for Americathe Behavioural Insights TeamOpportunity Insights, the Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance LabThe Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) at Johns Hopkins University and the Sunlight Foundation.

A summary of the intervention to provide an engagement strategy to work with companies can be found in this blog post from the Behavioural Insights Team.

Local and national stories about the award can be found here:

The 10 Cities getting a philanthropic boost for economic mobility

Cincinnati picked for new Bloomberg Philanthropies national initiative to improve economic mobility

The Center is actively seeking companies who wish to pilot the consulting process that has been created as a part of this exciting initiative. Prospective companies should be interested in implementing inclusive capitalism approaches within their organization, seeking new sources of talent, be willing to share data about their policies and procedures, and be willing to explore and implement new approaches to support and stabilize their workforce, like hiring workforce coaches. The Center is primarily focused on companies with an early-skill or frontline employee base. Please contact Audrey Treasure if interested in piloting with The Center.

Advisory Board

Dave Herche, Enerfab
Ellen Katz, Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Tim Massa, The Kroger Co.
Jill Meyer, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
Dan Meyer, Nehemiah Manufacturing
Julia Poston, EY
Ed Rigaud, Legacy Acquisition Corp.
Liza Smitherman, Jostin Construction
Tom Williams, North American Properties

If you have workforce challenges at the early-skill level or would like to learn more about the Workforce Innovation Center, please contact Audrey Treasure.

Audrey Treasure

VP & Executive Director
Workforce Innovation Center

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What describes your current staffing or hiring plan?

Are you interested in business practice recommendations that would help you support your employees and your business growth? Examples include: suggestions for working parents; alternative working arrangements; creating an emergency fund for employees; revised hiring, advancement and promotion practices; etc.

Are you interested in business practice recommendations specifically focused on how to improve diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within your workforce?

Are you interested in an employee survey to help you understand your employees’ perspective on your workplace as well as what they might be experiencing in their personal lives?

Are you interested in an HR analytics tool to help you understand trends in your workforce and track your progress? These includes measurements of job growth, retention, earnings, benefits across domains of wage levels, gender and ethnicity.

Are you interested in Apprenti Cincinnati, a registered apprenticeship program designed to increase the diversity of talent in technology roles?

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