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Workforce Innovation Center

The Cincinnati Chamber launched The Center to help companies solve issues at the entry or early-skill level, identifying innovative ways to improve business and to help low-income individuals successfully obtain employment and advance to self-sufficiency.

In today’s labor market, getting and keeping talent in at the early-skill level is a challenge for many companies in our region.

The Workforce Innovation Center facilitates companies adopting Inclusive Capitalism approaches that value and support its employee base and organizational culture, partnering with social service agencies and training partners to connect people to job opportunities. 

Initial Partners

Beacon of Hope Business Alliance
Cincinnati Works
Partners for a Competitive Workforce

Key Focuses

  • The Center consults with companies to implement Inclusive Capitalism practices that drive business outcomes and make their workplaces better for employees, the community, and their own bottom-lines. Employers will be encouraged to pursue new sources of talent, revise their own policies to create a more inclusive workplace, and learn from the successes of other businesses. 
  • The private sector is an important catalyst and partner for improving economic mobility within the community through employment by connecting individuals to resources that enable them to be successful in the workplace.
  • The Center connects companies to social service and training partners that remove barriers for low-income citizens and prepare them to succeed in the workplace. Through The Center’s partnership with agencies, individuals will advance their careers to obtain self-sufficiency and be connected to companies where they can find, maintain and advance their employment.
  • The Center is partnering with the Women’s Fund of Greater Cincinnati Foundation. The Women's Fund's Employer Toolkit, created to assist companies in improving operations that affect their low wage employees, is one resource The Center will utilize as it consults with businesses.
  • The Center is connected to Project LIFT, an initiative of the Child Poverty Collaborative, which broadly seeks to remove additional barriers of unemployed and underemployed individuals seeking to advance their careers and move to self-sufficiency.

  • The Center is also the home to the Child Poverty Collaborative’s Employer Roundtable. The Roundtable will take its good work to-date to a new level in serving businesses who are removing barriers, creating opportunities, and implementing inclusive solutions to recruit and retain employees. 

Advisory Board

Dave Herche, Enerfab
Ellen Katz, Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Tim Massa, The Kroger Co.
Jill Meyer, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
Dan Meyer, Nehemiah Manufacturing
Julia Poston, EY
Toby Rau, JPMorgan Chase
Ed Rigaud, Legacy Acquisition Corp.
Liza Smitherman, Jostin Construction
Tom Williams, North American Properties

If you have workforce challenges at the early-skill level or would like to learn more about the Workforce Innovation Center, please contact Audrey Treasure.

2019_HEADSHOTAudreyTreasure140x140Audrey Treasure
VP & Executive Director
Workforce Innovation Center

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